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About the GoTo Opener

    GoToAssist Corporate uses a "helper" application to launch you into active sessions. This application is known as the GoTo Opener app. When you install the GoToAssist Corporate Customer software, this app is automatically installed on your computer as well. It will also run each time you join or start a session in order to connect you to your GoTo service.

    Note: Note that the newest version of this "helper" application is named the "GoTo Opener" app, but it previously was known under another name. Learn more.

    How it's installed

    For the large majority of our customers, the GoTo Opener automatically installs and updates itself when you join sessions using GoToAssist Corporate.

    1. The first time that you join or start a session using GoToAssist Corporate, the GoTo Opener app will be automatically installed.
    2. Then second time that you join or start a session, your web browser will detect the presence of the GoTo Opener on your computer and ask you for permission to launch it for you. Be sure to enable the "remember this setting" option before continuing.
    3. From that point on, the GoTo Opener will run automatically and launch you into your sessions quickly and seamlessly (unless you clear your browser cache or uninstall the app).
    Note: If you use GoToAssist Corporate in an environment in which you are not able to install software on your own computer without the assistance of an IT administrator, please see What is the Multi-User Launcher/Opener MSI?.

    Installation troubleshooting

    If the app taking a long time to download through the normal flow (or if you are encountering download or join issues), you can try these troubleshooting steps.

    • If you are stuck on the Opener page, click the Download & Run link. This will prompt the GoTo Opener file to download again, which you can then open and run to continue being launched into session.
    • Clear your web browser cache and try joining or starting the session again. This will help the browser properly detect whether the GoTo Opener is installed on your computer.
    • Do a complete uninstall of the GoTo Opener, then try joining or starting a session again. This will give you a fresh join flow.
    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022