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How to Rename a Network

    Use the network name to help identify the network.

    Important: When joining a network from a client, use the system-generated network ID. The network ID cannot be changed.
    1. On the web site, go to the Networks > My Networks page.

      Result: Your Hamachi networks and clients are listed.

    2. On the My Networks page, click Edit next to the network you want to work with.

      Result: The Edit Network page is displayed.

    3. On the Members tab, type a new name in the Name field.
    4. Click Save.

      Result: If the client is online, changes are applied immediately. If offline, changes are applied when the client comes online.

    What to do next:
    Important: You cannot rename an unattached network that was created from the client.
    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022