Start a meeting – iPad/iPhone

    Start a meeting from your iPad or iPhone. You can share your screen or present files and whiteboards.

    All you need is the app. If you don't have it, get it.

    1. Start the app.
    2. To start a meeting tap one of the options:
      • My personal link (LITE, PRO, or BUSINESS)
      • One-time code
      • audio-only (Available only on phones)
      • A scheduled meeting (PRO and BUSINESS)
    3. Optional: You can also start directly from a document or file.
      1. Open the file in another app
      2. Tap Open in... > Open in
      3. Once the file is open in, tap Start to launch your meeting.

      Tip: For PowerPoint and a few other file types, uses the built-in viewer capability of iOS. PowerPoint animations are not supported, so participants see static images of each slide.

    4. Invite others to join.

    You can also:

    • Call in to a conference call
    • Add video
    • Share your screen and more