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Whiteboard tools

    Whiteboard tools are displayed along the bottom of your iPad screen.

    Tool name Tool icon Description
    Image Insert whiteboard icons or photos. A library of whiteboard icons is provided. Photos can be retrieved from your own photo library. When inserting photos you must allow to access your photos.
    Undo You can undo (and redo) up to 20 previous actions while the whiteboard is open.
    Select Select objects on the whiteboard.
    • To select multiple objects in a single selection box, tap and drag across the whiteboard canvas.
    • To select multiple objects that are not next to each other on the canvas, double-tap the Select tool to lock it. When locked, the Select icon is underlined.
    Draw Tips:
    • Each drawing stroke is separate and unique.
    • To edit a drawing stroke, select the drawing stroke and then tap Draw to change a property (pen type, variable or fixed width, stroke width, opacity or color).
    • As with other objects in a whiteboard, you can move and resize drawings.
    Text To create a text box, tap the Text tool and drag to the desired location on the whiteboard. The device's keyboard opens. Additional icons allow you to change font, size, alignment, fill color, text color, outline color.
    Line Draw lines and elbows. Additional icons allow you to change line properties (arrow, dashed or solid, color, and more). Lines and elbows can be used to connect objects. See the "Connect objects" section, below.
    Tip: Double-tap to lock the tool and select multiple objects. When locked, the icon is underlined.
    Eraser Activate the eraser. Once selected, the eraser stays selected so you can delete multiple objects.
    Hand Move (pan) the canvas with one finger.
    Tip: To move the canvas without the Hand tool, drag with two fingers.
    Laser pointer Activate the laser pointer. Tap and hold anywhere to draw attention to a specific part of the whiteboard.
    Wrench Select an object and tap the wrench tool to access the following options: Duplicate, Copy, Layers, Properties, Delete.
    Note: You can also tap and hold an object to access this menu.
    Fit to screen / 100% Due to the whiteboard's "infinite" canvas, you may move so far off screen that you get lost. When this happens, tap Fit to Screen to show the entire whiteboard on the iPad screen. Tap 100% to zoom to 100% resolution.
    External Display This icon gives you access to a number of useful options.
    • By default, detects when an external monitor is being used in combination with the iPad. Whiteboard canvas content is projected to the external display, and screen size dimensions are detected and set to fill the screen accordingly (16x9 widescreen versus 4x3).
    • Turn on Toolbars to clone the iPad screen to the external display, including all toolbars, controls, and menus.
    • Use the Fit slider which will allow you to control the overall size of what is displayed externally.
    • Grid displays a transparent grid on the screen, making it easier to align components on your whiteboard.
    • Use Coarseness to set the size of the grid.
    • Select Snap to Grid to automatically align objects to the grid according to the selected Coarseness. All text, icons, and drawing objects are centered on the grid lines that are closest to the center of the object (excluding lines and elbow connectors).