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Whiteboard gestures

    Use common iPad gestures to get around the whiteboard's infinite canvas. These gestures are always available.

    Drag with two fingers
    Move (pan) the canvas. This is the same as the Hand tool but is easier to use when another tool is already selected.
    Double tap
    Access an object's properties
    Spread two fingers
    Zoom in
    Pinch two fingers
    Zoom out
    Other gestures, such as tap and drag or tap to select, require the Select tool to be active in the toolbar.
    Tap and drag
    Tap and drag to move objects around the whiteboard, or from the Library onto the whiteboard.
    Tap and drag at corner
    Tap and drag on the blue dots of a selected object to increase or decrease its size.
    Tip: If you see a menu of options (duplicate, copy, etc.) when you intend to tap and drag, try to move your finger as soon as you tap the object.
    Note: remembers your current view of the whiteboard and uses it for the thumbnail displayed in the documents and whiteboards portfolio. When you next open a whiteboard, it opens exactly as when you left it.