What's new, June 20, 2018 release note for June 20, 2018.

Release Date
  • June 20, 2018
  • macOS desktop app:
  • Windows desktop app:
  • Touchbar support for Macbook Pro presenters
    • Presenters on a Macbook Pro with a touchbar can control directly from the touchbar without switching back to the app
    • For example, use the touchbar to mute/unmute or toggle your webcam while sharing something else
  • Echo-prevention improvements
    • To help you avoid a common source of echo, namely when you connect via both computer and phone, we added a button that reminds you to turn off computer audio before calling in
  • Minor fixes
  • Stuff like making sure tooltips display properly (we love tooltips) while sharing Microsoft Word. And we fixed an encoding issue on the video settings tab