User Roles: Owner, Admin, User

BUSINESS subscribers can assign a role to each user.

How to assign a role

Owners and Admins in a BUSINESS account can assign a role to each new user they create, or they can add/change a user's role when editing an existing user.

The process of adding users is described here: Add users.

To change the role of many users at once, Owners and Admins can select multiple users and then click Change Role.

Note: Users are not notified of their role assignment. If you change a user's role, feel free to let them know directly since there are no automatic notifications.
Note: When importing users in bulk, everyone is assigned the User role; the Role value is not taken into consideration even if present as a column in the import file.

Available roles

  • An account has only one Owner
  • The Owner role cannot be transferred to another user or changed to another role
  • The only way to change an account's Owner is to change the LogMeIn ID (email) associated with the account (Change your password or account email)
  • Only the Owner can purchase additional subscriptions and view billing information
Restriction: Only available for BUSINESS users.
  • Admins give the Owner a hand managing a account
  • An Admin is like a normal user, but with access to the Admin console via the users tab at
  • You are allowed to have multiple Admins
  • This role can be assigned or revoked at any time by the Owner or another Admin
  • If an Admin won't be using, you can remove their subscription so you don’t consume one of your subscriptions
  • This role is for regular folks who will be using under the Owner's account
  • This role can be assigned at any time by the Owner or an Admin
  • Any User can become an Admin; any Admin can become a User