Use video - Turn on your webcam

Turn on your webcam to show yourself.

PC or Mac - How to turn on video (share your webcam)

Find your bubble and click the video button ( Turn on my webcam).

Don't see any bubbles? Click the Show participant bubbles button and then Participants .

Don't see video options? The host may not allow video (see Allow audio and/or video).

Full screen or Bubbles?

  • For meetings with three or more participants, video feeds are shown in bubbles.
  • For a meeting with two participants when using the Windows or Mac desktop app, the other person's video feed is shown in full-screen view, with an option to switch to bubbles in the lower-left corner.

Video Options

  • To stop video but remain in the meeting, click the video button on your bubble once again.
  • To mute your audio but keep your video stream active, click the Mute myself button in your bubble.
  • To change the device (webcam) used by, go to ... (Tools) > Settings > Video.
  • ​To choose how video is shown, open the desktop app and go to ... (Tools) > Settings > Video > Switch to full screen for two-participant meetings.

Android or iOS - How to turn on video (share your webcam)

Once you've joined the meeting, tap the video camera and then Connect.

Video on iPad

Video on Android