Toll-free audio: Use it, love it

Learn how to add toll-free conference numbers to your meetings.

Important: If you don't see toll-free numbers as described below, you either haven't signed up for the toll-free service or your admin has not enabled toll-free for your account. For more info, reach out to us here.

Working with toll-free numbers is essentially the same as working with other conference numbers:

  • When you're the organizer, you decide which toll-free numbers to use for your meeting
  • Toll-free numbers are shown wherever conference numbers are displayed (schedulers, apps, invitations)
  • Toll-free numbers are static. They don't change for each meeting

Examples of how a meeting organizer works with toll-free numbers

Scheduling a meeting on the web site

Scheduling a meeting in Google Calendar

Examples of how participants see toll-free numbers

On Windows

In an email invitation

On Android

On an iPhone