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Toll-free audio: Admin guide

    Learn how to manage toll-free audio for your account.

    Activate toll-free audio

    To activate toll-free audio for your PRO or BUSINESS account, contact your account manager or reach out to us here . We'll provide you with an eQuote that includes your negotiated rate . Once purchased, the toll-free tab is activated on the Admin Console.

    Choose countries

    As an account owner, you can select the countries for which you provide toll-free numbers. By default, all countries are made available to all users with toll-free enabled.

    1. On the website, log in to your PRO or BUSINESS account and click users.

      Result: The Admin console is displayed.

    2. On the Admin console, click Toll-free. The Toll-free tab is displayed.

      Result: The Toll-free tab is displayed.

      Tip: If the Toll-free tab is inactive (gray), make sure you have purchased the toll-free service using the eQuote provided by your representative.

    3. Hold your mouse pointer over the list of countries.

      Result: The Edit button is displayed.

    4. Click Edit.
    5. Select countries and save your changes.
    Results: All users with toll-free enabled have access to the same countries and numbers.

    Enable users

    In a BUSINESS account, both the owner and admins can enable/disable PAID users' access to the toll-free service. In a PRO account, only the owner has this right.

    To enable users:

    1. On the website, log in to your PRO or BUSINESS account and click users.

      Result: The Admin console is displayed.

    2. In the Admin console, click Users.

      Result: The Users tab is displayed.

    3. In the Toll-free column, select any number of users with a Paid subscription and Disabled status for toll-free.

      Result: The Enable toll-free option is displayed at the top of the page.

      Tip: Don't select both Free and Paid users. Don't select both Enabled and Disabled users. If you do, the correct options won't be displayed.

    4. Click Enable toll-free at the top of the page.

    What to do next:
    • To disable, the same procedure applies in reverse. Remember to select only Enabled users when disabling.
    • To enable users during import, be sure to use both a first name and a last name for each user.
    Important: If you disable someone and they had a meeting already scheduled using toll-free numbers, their invitations will be re-generated. Invitees are sent new invitations with toll-free numbers excluded.


    Per-minute charges are based on your service contract, and minutes are calculated per participants. For instance, if 3 participants dial in to the session for 10 minutes using the toll-free option, you will have used 30 minutes of your plan. Those who join by regular toll numbers are charged rates based on their own long-distance provider. There are no additional charges for those who join a session using VoIP.

    Tip: To minimize billing charges, any attendee who joins a session before the organizer starts the meeting is disconnected after 5 minutes of inactivity. If the session is canceled and never started by the organizer, then no charges are incurred. However, if an organizer joins the session, even if it was never started, the account is charged for the organizer's minutes, along with the minutes incurred by any attendees waiting for the event to start.

    To view billing history, including detailed call information (TIB), follow these instructions:

    1. Log in to your account at
    2. Click the billing tab.
      You may be asked to re-enter your password to verify your identity.
      Tip: Don't see the billing tab? If you are a user in an account owned by someone else, you won't see the billing tab.
    3. Click billing history > Details (TIB) to access detailed report of all calls (also known as TIB, or Truth-in-Billing).
    What to do next:

    If you'd like to cancel toll-free service, please contact our team.


    Will users in my account use the same toll-free numbers for each session?

    Yes, toll-free numbers are static.

    Will recordings be impacted?

    No. Whether you or your attendees join with VoIP, long distance, or toll-free audio, you can seamlessly record audio.