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Start and stop sharing (pause sharing)

    Start or stop sharing your screen (PC/Mac, Android) or file/whiteboard (iOS).


    To stop sharing your screen, hover your mouse over the share button and click it when it shows as a Pause button.

    Figure 1. Pause on a PC

    Nobody can see your screen while sharing is paused. Instead they see either a standard background image or your personal background. If bubbles are active, they also see bubbles.

    How-to video

    Share your screen:


    On an Android, tap the puck to start/stop sharing your screen.

    Figure 2. Start/stop sharing on Android

    iPhone or iPad

    To pause sharing, tap the name of the whiteboard or file being shared.

    Figure 3. Stop sharing on an iPad
    Remember: On an iPhone or iPad you can only share whiteboards and files.