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Start an audio-only meeting on iPhone or Android

    With a PRO or BUSINESS subscription you can start an audio-only meeting from your iPhone or Android phone.

    An audio-only meeting is like a traditional conference call. It's a meeting without screen sharing.

    1. On your iPhone or Android phone, open the app.
    2. Log into your PRO or BUSINESS account.
    3. Tap audio-only.

      Result: Your meeting is started as an audio-only call, without screen sharing.

      Tip: Organizer keypad commands are not available during an iPhone audio-only conference!

    4. Share the conference number, as follows:
      1. Tap Call-in settings.
      2. Tap Send call-in details.
      3. Choose numbers to include.
      4. Send the numbers in the chosen format: email, message, or copy to clipboard.
      Tip: To change the default number, tap Call-in settings and choose a number/location.
    What to do next:
    Note: Regarding automatic dialing: If you start an Audio-only call from the app home screen, automatically launches the Phone dialer app and dials your preferred phone number along with the meeting ID and audio conference code. The format of the number that is passed to the dialer is as follows:


    For example +14156550381,,123456789,*9876, with the commas representing pauses to give the phone and time to react properly.

    If your phone number isn't processed properly, you can change the speed of the DMTF tones to Long. If that fails to resolve the problem, turn off dial pad touch tones (if you do this, be aware that there will be silence on the line for up to 20 seconds after you hear the conference announcement).