Start a meeting – PC/Mac

    Start a meeting on your PC or Mac.

    For now we are assuming you are new to and haven't yet downloaded the desktop app or created an account.

    1. On a PC or Mac, go to the website and create an account.
    2. After entering your name and other info, click Download to start meeting.

      Result: The application is downloaded.

    3. Start the application.

      Tip: Can't find the download? Press Ctrl-J (Windows) or Alt-Cmd-L (Mac) on your keyboard to view recent downloads.

    4. Click the play symbol to start a meeting.


      Once the application is running, you see the toolbar (also known as the presenter's toolbar).

    5. Invite others to join. Invite others – PC/Mac
    6. Call in to the conference call. Call in – Conference calls on PC/Mac
    7. Add video. Use video - Turn on your webcam
    8. Share your screen and more. Share a specific window or full screen