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Start a meeting – iPad/iPhone

    Start a meeting from your iPad or iPhone. You can share your screen or present files and whiteboards.

    Before you begin:

    All you need is the app. If you don't have it, get it.

    1. Start the app.
    2. To start a meeting tap one of the options:
      • My personal link (LITE, PRO, or BUSINESS)
      • One-time code
      • audio-only (Available only on phones)
      • A scheduled meeting (PRO and BUSINESS)
    3. Optional: You can also start directly from a document or file.
      1. Open the file in another app
      2. Tap Open in... > Open in
      3. Once the file is open in, tap Start to launch your meeting.
      Tip: For PowerPoint and a few other file types, uses the built-in viewer capability of iOS. PowerPoint animations are not supported, so participants see static images of each slide.
    4. Invite others to join.
    What to do next:

    You can also:

    • Call in to a conference call
    • Add video
    • Share your screen and more