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Share a whiteboard (iPhone/iPad)

    Mobile whiteboard lets you capture and share your ideas in real time for more engaging discussions during any meeting hosted on an iPad or iPhone. You can also prepare whiteboards in advance to share during a meeting.

    You must be hosting a meeting on an iPad or iPhone.

    Follow these instructions to start a meeting: Start a meeting – iPad/iPhone.

    Once you have started your meeting, you are two taps away from sharing a whiteboard:

    1. Tap the icon in the upper-left corner of the screen.
    2. Choose the whiteboard you want to share.
      • To share an existing whiteboard, tap the item you want to share.
      • To create a new whiteboard, tap + add a whiteboard.
    3. To show the whiteboard to meeting participants, tap Share in the upper-right corner.
    Results: All participants see the whiteboard. Only the meeting organizer can edit the whiteboard. Participants can view, but cannot edit.