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Share a specific window or full screen

During a LITE, PRO, or BUSINESS meeting on a PC or Mac, you can choose to share either a specific window or your entire screen.

Restriction: You can't share control of your mouse when sharing a specific window. You must be sharing your entire screen.
  1. During a LITE, PRO or BUSINESS meeting on a PC or Mac, click the arrow on the Share button and then Share window.

    Result: An orange outline is displayed.

  2. Move your mouse to the window you want to share. Once it has an orange outline, click it to share.
  • If you close or minimize the shared window, viewers see a static image of your screen as it appeared when you closed the shared window.
  • If you cover your shared window with another window, you don't need to worry about exposing anything you don't want to show. Viewers never see the item that is covering your shared window.
Example: How-to video

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