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Send a file from a PC/Mac

    You can send a file to any single meeting participant who is using a PC/Mac from a PC/Mac.

    Whether you are the presenter or a participant, the procedure is the same. Only the color of the interface is different.

    1. Click the Participants button.
    2. On the Participant list, select the person to whom you want to send a file.
      Remember: You can only send files to folks who are using a PC or Mac. This option is not available for iOS and Android.
    3. Click Send file.
      You are prompted to locate the file you want to send.
      Tip: When you are the presenter, viewers see a black box while you are browsing for a file. This prevents folks from seeing your files and folders.
    4. Locate the file and send it.

    You can only send a file to one participant at a time.