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View the Participants of My Meeting

The organizer and attendees of a meeting can see who's taking part in the meeting. The organizer can also generate a report after the meeting to see a roll call of participants.

During a meeting (anyone can do this)

Click or tap Participants > Participant list.

The Participants list appears. Depending on how they joined - computer or phone -, you see each participants':

  • Avatar, initials, or an emoji
  • Phone number and location (city and state for US callers, city and country for non-US callers)
Note: Mapping your phone number with your meeting identity is not yet possible.

After a meeting (only the organizer can do this)

Generate a report to see the participants of your meeting.

In the report, look for the Participant list column. It shows all participants who joined the meeting, including the organizer. The report includes unnamed participants as "other participants."

Note: Participants data is available for meetings held after April 25, 2017.