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Schedule a meeting – for Google Calendar

    PRO and BUSINESS subscribers can schedule and start meetings - including recurring meetings - directly from Google Calendar in Chrome.

    Note: A new version of the Google Calendar extension is now available! Learn more.
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    Schedule with Google Calendar:

    Schedule a meeting using the for Google Calendar extension

    1. For any Google Calendar event, go to Event Details.
    2. Click Make it a meeting.
      You may be prompted to log in to your PRO or BUSINESS account.

      Result: The Schedule Meeting window is displayed.

    3. Choose the type of meeting (personal link or code) and the conference numbers to include in the invitation.
      Tip: You can make the meeting repeat, just like with any other Google Calendar meeting.
    4. Click Generate invitation.

      Result: Your settings are inserted into a new invitation.

    5. Edit and send the event just as you would any other event.