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Generate reports about meetings held using your account.

Before you begin:
Important: LITE, PRO or BUSINESS is required – paid or trial.
  1. Log in to your LITE, PRO, or BUSINESS account at
  2. At the top of the page, click Reports.

    Result: The Admin console is displayed.

  3. Select the reporting period for which you want to list meetings.
    Data becomes available about 15 minutes after a meeting has ended. You may not see results if you generate a report immediately after your meeting has ended.

    If you still fail to see results, make sure all participants have left the meeting and try again. You may need to remove anyone who forgot to leave on their own (see Remove Someone from a Meeting).

  4. If you are an account owner, you can select report on my meetings only to list only those meetings that you organized.
  5. Generate your report:
    • Click Export to Excel to save your report in xlsx format
    • Click Export to CSV to save your report in csv format

Each row in a report represents a unique meeting. Reports contain the following information:

Presenter name
The name of the presenter in your PRO or BUSINESS account who organized the meeting (also referred to as the organizer or host).
Presenter email
The email address of the meeting organizer in your PRO or BUSINESS account.
Host IP
The IP address of the organizer's computer.
Meeting subject
The subject of a scheduled meeting, as shown in the meeting invitation.
Conference ID
The 9-digit meeting code or personal link that participants used to join the meeting.
Start time
The time when the organizer started the meeting.
Duration of the meeting from the time when the organizer started the meeting to the time when they ended it. Expressed as Hours:Minutes:Seconds or Days:Hours:Minutes:Seconds (for those special meetings that go on for days). For example, a value of 5:05:30:13 represents 5 days, 5 hours, 30 minutes, 13 seconds.
Connected devices
The maximum number of devices connected to the meeting at any time, including the organizer.
Important: Each device is counted. That is, if someone connects both via mobile app and desktop app, they are counted twice even though they are only one person.
Participant list
A list (roll call) of all participants who joined the meeting, including the organizer. Participants who are not identified by name are counted as "other participants."
Note: Participants data is available for meetings held after April 25, 2017.
Features used
A list of features used during the meeting, such as remote control, file transfer, and chat.