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Record a meeting PRO and BUSINESS subscribers can record their meetings and save them to cloud storage.

    Before you begin:
    Important: PRO or BUSINESS is required - paid or trial.
    What gets recorded?
    Recordings include shared content and any conference audio.
    What doesn't get recorded?
    Participant bubbles, sounds played on your device, and video are not recorded.
    1. On any device (PC, Mac, iPad/iPhone, Android) log in to your PRO or BUSINESS account and start a meeting.
    2. To start recording, click ... (Tools) > Record.

      Figure 1. Recording on a PC
      Tip: You can make single-party recordings. That is, you can record even if nobody else is participating.
    3. To stop recording, click ... (Tools) > Stop recording.
    Results: A notification is displayed: We are processing your recording.
    How long does it take for recordings to process?
    Most recordings will arrive within minutes. However, there are a few reasons why a recording may take longer to appear:
    • When your meeting has a bad or choppy internet connection, it may take up to 20 minutes to process the recording
    • When audio participants fail to hang up, the recording starts to process after a 24 hour delay
    How to watch your recording?
    After stopping recording, either:
    • click the Recordings link in the notification
    • Open in your browser, login, and go to Recordings
    What gets recorded?
    Recordings include shared content and any conference audio.
    In what format? recordings are saved as mp4 files and can be edited and converted using any third-party software product designed for mp4.
    Security Notes
    • Recording can only be turned on by the meeting organizer
    • Meeting participants are always notified when a meeting is being recorded, including audio-only participants
    • If recording is already in progress when a participant joins, the participant is notified that the meeting is being recorded
    Example: How-to video

    Record a meeting: