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Place participants on hold until you join

    When others join your conference before you, you can choose to either place them on hold or allow them to talk with each other.

    Important: Settings take effect starting with your next conference!
    1. Log in to your LITE, PRO, or BUSINESS account at
    2. At the top of the page, click Settings.
    3. Under Start the call, choose to either place folks on hold or allow them to talk with each other:
      • To place folks on hold, make sure this option is selected: others can only start talking if the organizer calls in
        Important: Be sure to enter your Organizer Code when using a traditional phone line, otherwise the system thinks everyone is a participant and the meeting never starts.
      • To allow folks to talk before you join, make sure the option is not selected.
    4. Save your changes.

      Result: Starting with your next conference, your settings take effect.

    What to do next:
    Note: If you place participants on hold until you show up, you can choose what kind of Hold music folks hear while waiting.