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Phishing Attempts! How to recognize email scams

    Be aware that malicious third parties posing as GoTo or have been known to send suspicious emails to GoTo and users and to members of the general public.


    A typical scam involves an email that mimics the design and style of official GoTo or communications.

    Here are some examples of real scams:

    • A recent known example (February 2015) mimics an invoice (link to English only blog post)
    • Another known example (April 2014) has the subject "Your LogMeIn digital certificate has expired!"
    • One known example was modeled after our notification email regarding account lock-out due to a certain number of failed login attempts.
    • Another known example mentions a bogus software update and includes a false link to an alleged software patch.

      GoTo, including and Cubby, will never contact you with a software update attached to an email.

    What should you do?

    • As a general rule, never click any links in a suspicious email!
    • Always check if links in the emails are valid. Here's how:

      Hover your mouse over a link and pause until you see the link's destination, shown in an infotip (Outlook) or at the bottom of your browser (Gmail, Hotmail, etc.).

    • If a link does not point to a site that you know is an official LogMeIn service or domain, please contact us immediately
    • Even if a link seems to point to a LogMeIn site, DO NOT CLICK if you are at all suspicious!
    • Please contact our support team. We may ask you to forward the entire email so we can track down the perpetrators.
    • If you inadvertently click a link, we suggest contacting your anti-virus service for guidance.

    Sample official GoTo,, and LastPass "from" email addresses:


    Sample official domains:

    • - LogMeIn's main site
    • - Powers the LogMeIn Rescue service
    • - Powers account-specific Rescue features (should only be allowlisted by enterprise accounts)
    • - Site allowing login to LogMeIn services
    • - Powers the LogMeIn Hamachi service
    • - Site used to connect to a LogMeIn Rescue technician
    • - Site used to connect to a LogMeIn Rescue technician
    • - LogMeIn's screen sharing service
    • - LogMeIn's cloud storage and syncing service
    • - LogMeIn's password management service