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Update Personal background

    Your personal background is an image that folks see while waiting for you to start the meeting and when the meeting is over, and you'll see it as your wallpaper when you are logged in to the website.

    1. Log in to your PRO or BUSINESS account at and look for the section called Set your personal background.
    2. Click add personal background.
    You'll be taken to the Personal background page where you can choose a pretty picture.
    Once you've uploaded an image, click the little magnifying glass to see what it will look like in real life.

    Follow these guidelines to make sure your personal background looks great:

    • Image dimensions: Use a picture with dimensions 1920 x 1080 pixels. Anything smaller or larger will be resized, which means it could end up distorted. Minimum size is 100 x 100.
    • Type: *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.gif, *.png.
    • File size: Maximum 10 MB (megabytes).
    Important: LITE, PRO or BUSINESS is required – paid or trial.