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Organizer keypad commands when calling in by phone

    Call in as the meeting organizer to customize conference behavior while the call is in progress. For example, turn off chiming, mute participants, or lock-down the conference.

    To call in as organizer, wait briefly after entering the conference ID and then enter the Organizer code starting with *3 followed by the four-digit code.

    Remember: Keypad commands are only available when calling by phone with an organizer code during a LITE, PRO or BUSINESS meeting. They cannot be used when calling by internet or during an audio-only conference on an iPhone or Android.
    Table 1. Organizer Keypad Commands
    Keys Command
    *0 Play Keypad Command Menu
    *2 Lock out new entrants (toggle on/off)
    *3 Promote to Host
    *41 Presentation Mode

    Participants are muted (except Hosts), and cannot un-mute themselves.

    *42 Conversation Mode

    All participants are un-muted.

    *43 Question & Answer Mode

    Participants start muted (except Hosts), but can un-mute themselves by pressing *6.

    *44 Private Host Mode

    Hosts speak privately. Other participants are placed on hold.

    *6 Mute your line (toggle on/off)


    Turn chimes on/off when someone enters or exits a conference
    *91 End the conference