product icon is no longer free. What happens now?

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    Why is it no longer free to host a meeting?

    To keep empowering our customers to host professional, feature rich meetings, we have decided to discontinue the free product and focus our efforts on improving our paid versions. Some product improvements include increasing cloud storage and meeting participants in our best-selling PRO tier.

    Will I still be able to join a meeting as a participant for free?

    Yes, anyone can still join a meeting as a participant for free, but only paid customers will have access to our hosting capabilities and features.

    How can I continue to host meetings?

    To continue to host, users must upgrade to one of our plans. PRO is the best value for a robust meeting tool with features like, personal URLs, video conferencing, screen sharing, recording and cloud storage, scheduling, unlimited toll and internet calls including international conference lines, and more.

    Are there any changes to the features in your existing tiers?

    Yes! To keep customers collaborating, PRO, our most popular tier, has been enhanced to include more meeting participants (50 to 250), and to offer more cloud storage for recordings (from 5 GB to 50GB). Our other tiers will be staying the same in terms of features and pricing.

    Will I lose my meeting history?

    No, you will still have access to your meeting history.

    What happens to meetings scheduled in the future?

    You must update to a paid version of to access meetings scheduled in the future or receive notifications about it.