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Mute audio

    There are a few ways to mute audio during a call.

    Mute yourself

    There are a few ways to mute your own audio during a call:

    • When calling by computer, use your bubble.
    • You can mute yourself directly from the desktop app interface.
    • You can also mute yourself from the Participants list:
      1. Click the Participants button to open the Participants list.
      2. Select yourself, and click Mute myself.

    • On an iPhone/iPad or Android, tap the microphone icon at the top of the screen.
    • When calling by phone, use the command * 6 to mute yourself (toggle on/off).

    Mute an individual participant

    There are two ways the host of a meeting can mute an individual participant:

    • Find the person's bubble and click the Mute icon on their bubble.
    • Click the Participants button to open the Participants list. Select a person and click Mute.

    When you want to unmute an individual participant, simply click Unmute on their bubble or in the Participant list.

    Mute everyone else

    LITE, PRO, or BUSINESS subscribers can mute everyone else in the meeting, whether they called in by computer or phone.

    • On the desktop app, click ... (Tools) > Mute everyone else.
      Warning: Be careful when using a traditional phone line! Be sure to enter your Organizer Code, otherwise the system thinks you are a participant and mutes you, too!

    • When calling by phone, you can also mute everyone else using * 4 1 on the telephone keypad.

    For additional muting options via keypad, read this article: Organizer keypad commands when calling in by phone