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Lock a meeting

    As a LITE, PRO, or BUSINESS subscriber, the meeting lock gives you control over who can see your screen.

    When locked, participants must ask for permission to enter. You decide who can join.

    When unlocked, the meeting is open. Anyone with the code or personal link can join.

    Personal link meetings start locked, while one-time code meetings start unlocked.
    Important: LITE, PRO or BUSINESS is required – paid or trial.
    To access the lock button, click ... (Tools).
    When your meeting is locked, would-be participants see a screen like this:

    When they ask to join, you are given the option to let them in or not.

    Tip: When you lock a meeting that started unlocked, participants who already joined are not removed. When you unlock a meeting, anyone who is already looking at the Locked meeting in progress message is immediately allowed to join.