product icon for Slack for Slack allows you to start and attend meetings directly from a Slack channel or conversation (direct message).

    Prerequisite: Setup by an Administrator

    As a Slack administrator, you can add for Slack via the Slack App Directory.

    1. Find the listing in the Slack App Directory:
    2. Sign in to your Slack admin account and follow the on-screen instructions.
    What to do next:

    That's it. Your team members are now able to link their account to Slack.

    Link your account to Slack

    To be able to use for Slack, you must log in to your account from Slack. Here's how.

    1. Open Slack and go to any channel or direct message.
    2. In the message space, type /joinme.

      Result: In a message that is only visible to you, Slackbot prompts you to connect your account.

    3. Click Click here to connect your account.

      Result: The login page is displayed

    4. Log in to your account.

      Result: The Permissions page is displayed.

    5. On the Permissions page, click Accept to allow for Slack to start meetings (only on your command) and view your personal link.
      Tip: At this point, your meeting has not started yet. Everything you have done so far is visible only to you, even if you are in a conversation or active channel.

    Start a meeting from Slack

    Once your account is linked, you're ready to start meetings from Slack.

    1. Open Slack and go to any channel or direct message.
    2. In the message space, type /joinme.

      Result: Slackbot informs you to that the meeting is being set up.

    3. When prompted, click Start your meeting.

      Result: The desktop app is either launched or downloaded.

    Results: Anyone in the conversation or channel is informed that you have started a meeting using They can click the link in the message to join.

    When you end the meeting, all users are informed in Slack. for Slack commands

    Type /joinme to start a meeting.

    Type /joinme help to learn all of the commands.

    Type /joinme stats to view your user name, meeting details, subscription type, and other user information.

    Type /joinme brag to show your teammates how long you've been a user and how many meetings you've hosted.

    Type /joinme revoke to revoke authorization to your account. Use this when you want to sign into another account.