product icon for G Suite - Administrator Set-up

    Set up for G Suite to let your users start meetings directly from G Suite.


    • You must be the master account holder
    • You must be a G Suite Domain Administrator

    FAQs and How-to Video

    Maybe you aren't sure if you can use the G Suite integration? Maybe you don't know who your master account holder is? Maybe you like watching videos? Then check out this blog post and video about the G Suite integration.

    Installation step-by-step

    1. Install for G Suite. Here's how:
      1. Go to the Google Apps Marketplace and search for for G Suite.
      2. Click INSTALL APP.
        Remember: You must be logged in as a G Suite Domain Administrator.
      3. When prompted, click Accept to grant permissions and accept terms on behalf of all users in your account.

      Result: You are informed that " has been installed."

    2. Make available to your G Suite users. Here's how:
      1. On the third page of the install dialog, select Manage app.

        Result: You are redirected to Google Admin Console.

      2. Select Settings > Go to for setup.
      3. Log in to and accept the terms on behalf of all users in your account.
        Remember: You must log in as a master account holder.
      4. On the confirmation page, click Use this account.
    Results: appears on the G Suite apps page of all your users.



    You receive the following error:

    Unfortunately your account owner has not completed the setup for your domain. Once setup is finished you'll be able to access from here. Please contact your administrator to complete the setup.


    First, make sure you have access to the API in your Google Admin console (

    1. In the top-left corner of the Google Admin console, click the menu icon (next to the words Admin console).
    2. Select Security > API reference.
    3. Under API access, select the Enable API access check box.
    4. Once the API is enabled, try to access under Apps.

    Still not working?

    Please remove for G Suite and try again. Here's how:
    1. In the Google Admin console, go to your account and select Manage Apps > > Remove.
    2. Go to Apps > Marketplace apps > and select Remove App (trash can).
    3. Install for G Suite again, as described above.