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Invite others – PC/Mac

    Invite folks to a meeting that you've started on a PC or Mac.

    Make sure folks know your meeting code or personal link. That's all it takes.

    Tip: How many people can join?
    • LITE meetings allow up to 5 participants (one organizer plus 4 viewers) and no video streams
    • PRO meetings allow up to 50 participants (one organizer plus 49 viewers) and up to 10 video streams
    • BUSINESS meetings allow up to 250 participants (one organizer plus 249 viewers) and up to 10 video streams
    1. Start your meeting.
    2. To invite others, either:
      • In the bubble area, click the Invite bubble.
        Troubleshooting: Don't see any bubbles? Click the Participants button and then Show bubbles while sharing.
      • Click the Participants button and then Invite others to join.

      Result: The Invite window is displayed.

    3. On the Invite window, you can either copy the link or send it via email:
      • Click Copy link and paste it into your preferred messaging tool.
      • Click send an email to open an email containing a link to your meeting.
    What to do next:
    Tip: Click the link on the desktop app to open the Invite window.