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Directory: Finding and meeting with teammates

    The directory is where users go to find and meet with their teammates.

    When is the directory useful?

    The directory is where you go to find and meet with teammates. Let's say you have a meeting with Jane Doe, but you can't find the invitation or her personal link. Solution? You go to the directory, find Jane's name, and click to join her meeting.

    Who can use the directory?

    • Users who have been added to an active PRO or BUSINESS account and assigned a paid subscription can see the directory.
    • Free presenters in a PRO or BUSINESS company can see the directory, but they can't use features that require a paid subscription, such as personal link.

    Where is it? How can you access it?

    1. Log in to your PRO or BUSINESS account.
    2. At the top of the page, click Directory.
      Remember: You only see the Directory menu option if you are a user in someone else's account. Account owners and Secondary Admins can't see the Directory menu option.

    What you can do?

    Click someone to see their profile. If they have a personal link, you can join their meeting.