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Annotate: Pen, Highlighter, Laser Pointer

During a PRO or BUSINESS meeting on a PC or Mac, you can use annotation tools to help get your point across.

  1. During a PRO, or BUSINESS meeting on a PC or Mac, click ... (Tools).
  2. Click Annotate to show the annotation toolbar.
    Note: Participants must be using the desktop app in order to add annotations of their own.

Annotation toolbar

Annotation in action

Annotation options

  • To change the color of the pen, highlighter, or laser pointer, click the colored circle (far right).
  • To take a screenshot of your screen, click Snapshot.
    Note: Shots can only be saved as .png files. The location of the Shots folder cannot be changed.
  • To view saved snapshots, click Shots.
  • To allow participants on a PC or Mac to annotate, unlock Participants. Otherwise folks on a PC or Mac can ask you for permission to annotate.
    Note: Participants running the desktop app or HTML5 compatible browsers can annotate. Participants may be prompted to download and run the desktop app. The message says Click download to start annotating.