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Use Web Controls

Web Controls allow an organizer to view conference call information when an OpenVoice conference is in progress.

Conference Features

Organizers can access the Web Controls page after signing in to their account.

Use Web Controls as an Organizer

OpenVoice organizers can manage conference calls by using web controls rather than the phone.

  1. Sign in to your OpenVoice account.
  2. In the left navigation menu, select Web Controls.
  3. Use the web controls as follows:
    Note: The arrow is visible only on clicking under the column headings.
    Labeled icon Action
    (a) Mute or unmute the participant's line.
    (b) Place the participant on hold or return the participant to the conference.
    (c) When the conference call is in Lecture Mode, the participant may raise a hand to ask to speak. Select Hand Raised to unmute the participant's line.
    (d) Display the participant's phone number.
    (e) Display the duration of the conference.
    (f) Dismiss or drop a participant from the conference.
    (g) Begin or stop recording the conference.
    (h) Mute all participants in the conference.
    (i) Unmute all participants in the conference.
    (j) Lock the conference to prevent others from joining.