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Why do I get 'Failed to configure Hamachi network adapter'?

    You will typically receive this message when your personal firewall is blocking network traffic on the Hamachi Network Connection. When Hamachi is installed, it adds a virtual networking adapter that appears in standard Windows' Network Connections folder. This adapter is fully controlled by Hamachi when it is running.

    When Hamachi starts up, it enables this connection and Windows starts the procedure of assigning it a network IP address. This involves sending and receiving few networks packets over the network adapter that is being configured. The error you are seeing means that Hamachi did not receive these packets and therefore Windows failed to assign the required IP address to the Hamachi adapter.

    Personal Firewall configuration

    Ensure your personal firewall is allowing traffic for Hamachi, specifically, traffic to/from

    Ensure the DHCP Client Service is running and then restart it

    1. To restart the service, go to Start > Run.
    2. Type services.msc and press Enter.
    3. Find the DHCP Client Service, right click, and click Start or Restart.

    Alternatively, set a static IP for the Hamachi adapter

    This requires that Hamachi has been run at least once, and you have been assigned a virtual IP.

    1. Go to your Network Connections.
    2. Right click the Hamachi network adapter and click Properties.
    3. Select the TCP/IP item (TCP/IP v4 on Vista).
    4. Click Properties.
    5. Use your Hamachi IP address and as the Subnet Mask. You can leave the Default Gateway empty, or use
    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022