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How to resolve a network conflict in an IPv4 network?

    If you experience a conflict using the IP address range through Hamachi, do the following to resolve the issue.

    Note: These instructions only apply to mesh and hub-and-spoke network configurations. The gateway network configuration does not support IPv6; it operates with private IP addresses and therefore there are no IP conflicts with public IP ranges. This procedure must be executed on the client running in full mode.
    1. On Windows, click System > Preferences. On a Mac, click Hamachi > Preferences.
    2. Go to Settings > Advanced settings > Peer Connections section.
    3. Select IPv6 only for IP protocol mode.
    • If you have a program connection that requires an IPv4 address it is best to create a gateway network.
    • IPv6 is supported and enabled on Mac OS X 10.5 and newer versions, by default.
    • The recent Linux kernel versions support IPv6 and it is enabled by default. Older versions may support it, but it is not enabled by default. Hamachi can load/enable the IPv6 module.
    • When upgrading to the new version, Hamachi sets the Both IPv4 and IPv6 mode by default, unless IPv6 is not supported or enabled on the platform.
    • When you try to ping or browse a peer, the IPv4 address is used by default unless you or your peer is in IPv6 only mode.
    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022