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How to Manage the Preferences of Clients

    By managing the preferences of a client, you can change the appearance of the graphic user interface and enable functionality that you cannot manage from your account.

    This procedure must be executed on the client.

    Note: This functionality is not available on Linux.
    1. On Windows, click System > Preferences. On a Mac, click LogMeIn > Preferences.
    2. Select the tab page that you want to view.


      • The Status tab displays basic information on the client, such as name, ID, and version information. You can change the name of the client by clicking change next to the name of the client.
      • The Security tab displays the peers that have established a connection to the client at any point in time. To change the status of the peers, right-click on the name of the peer and select the appropriate status from the Trust menu. You can also block new members from joining a network that was created on the client. This tab page is only available for clients running in full mode. For more information, see Securing Your Hamachi Network Connections.
      • The Settings tab manages the appearance and functionality of the client.

    3. Click OK or Apply to save your settings.
    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022