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How to Add a Hamachi Network

This article guides you through the steps of adding a Hamachi Network.

  1. On the web site, go to the Networks > My Networks page.

    Result: Your Hamachi networks and clients are listed.

  2. On the My Networks page, click Add Network.

    Result: The Add Network (Step 1) page is displayed.

  3. Name the network in the Network name field.
    Use the network name to help identify the network.
  4. Select a Network type.
    See Hamachi Network Types.
    Important: Once a network is created, its network type cannot be changed.
  5. Enter a Network description (optional).
  6. Click Continue.

    Result: The Add Network (Step 2) page is displayed.

  7. Select the default response to join requests.
    Option Description
    Accept automatically All requests to join the network will be accepted automatically. We recommend that you require a network password when using this option.
    Must be approved All requests to join the network must be approved on the web.
    Members can be added on the web only Clients will not be able to join the network from the client. Clients can be added to the network on the web only.
  8. Under Network password, select A password is required to join this network to protect your network.
    Tip: If you do not set a password, we recommend setting the Join Request behavior to Must be approved or Members can be added on the web only.
  9. Click Continue.

    Result: The Add Network (Step 3) page is displayed.

  10. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  11. Click Finish.

    Result: Your network is created with a system-generated Network ID.

What to do next:
Note: When you assign a gateway, you will lose your network connection for a few seconds while the Hamachi virtual network adapter bridges to the physical network adapter.
Article last updated: 3 October, 2022