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How do I use Hamachi with Microsoft SQL Server?

    Hamachi can be used as connectivity method to your Microsoft SQL Server. This is useful if you have remote users using a database-driven local application that is in another location.

    Rather than opening up ports on your network firewall, you can use Hamachi to tunnel directly, and safely, to the database server. The following steps are required for the SQL Server to accept connections on the Hamachi interface. These steps were written for SQL Server 2005.

    Note: Please be aware that GoTo representatives cannot assist with this configuration, as it is not a feature of Hamachi.

    Configure MS SQL Server for connectivity over Hamachi

    1. Launch the SQL Server Configuration Manager and go to Network Connections > Protocols.
    2. Double click TCP/IP
    3. Set Enable to Yes
    4. Click IP Addresses
    5. Set Active and Enable to Yes for the Hamachi IP.

    This is all that is required on a default install of Hamachi and MS SQL Server 2005 to enable connectivity to the server. You may also want to ensure that you can resolve the SQL Server by hostname, as some services MS SQL Server offers, such as replication, require it.

    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022