How do I remote control through Hamachi?

    Hamachi will essentially give you LAN-style connectivity across the Internet. This can be used to share network resources and use remote access tools such as VNC, or Windows Remote Desktop. Hamachi is a powerful tool, but many applications will require some configuration to have them function over it. If all you require is remote control, we recommend using GoTo's remote access software.

    GoTo's remote access software will allow you to access your office desktop from home, or from any other internet-enabled computer (and some mobile devices), simply by going through our website. You will have a full access to your office system as though you were sitting right in front of it.

    Pro is completely secure, featuring 256-bit encryption, dual-level authentication, and optional extra security features. More information regarding GoTo security can be found at this link

    Article last updated: 3 October, 2022