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Hamachi for Linux Fundamentals

    Get started with Hamachi for Linux.

    Hamachi for Linux comes with a different feature set than Hamachi For Windows. To check a particular feature, refer to the articles in this guide.

    Note: You must have administrator privileges to run Hamachi commands.

    First Steps

    Before you can connect to a network, you must attach the client to your Hamachi account.

    1. Execute sudo hamachi login to log in.

      The login command establishes a link between your computer and the Hamachi server. After your first login, the Hamachi client running on your computer will remember your details and whenever your restart your computer, it will automatically log you in to the Hamachi server.

    2. Execute sudo hamachi attach [] using your LogMeIn ID (email address) to attach the client running on your computer.
      Attaching your Hamachi client to an existing Hamachi account is optional and has the following advantages:
      • You can manage your networks from the website.
      • With the attach-net command, you can attach those networks that you have created on your client to a Hamachi account. This way, ownership of those networks will be transferred from the client (that created the networks) to the Hamachi account. This also means that you can manage these networks from the website.

    Hamachi Essentials

    Task Bash Command
    Log into your Hamachi account and go online sudo hamachi login
    Attach the client to your Hamachi account using your Hamachi ID (email address) sudo hamachi attach []
    Display the details and the current status of the client sudo hamachi
    List available networks in your account and your peers.
    • Networks, where your client is online, are marked with an asterisk (*).
    • For online peers additional information is displayed, such as IP address.
    sudo hamachi list
    Display network information sudo hamachi network <network ID>
    See a complete list of available Hamachi commands, such as joining, creating or leaving networks, among others. sudo hamachi help


    Which distributions are supported?

    See the following article for details: Hamachi System Requirements.

    Does Hamachi for Linux come with a user interface (GUI)?

    No, Hamachi is bash (command-line) only.

    Article last updated: 27 September, 2022