Manage Multiple Channels

Manage multiple channel pages under your account! This means you can send specific channel pages to viewers without giving them access to videos on your other channels. You can easily go from channel to another by clicking the My Channels drop-down menu in the top navigation. The number of available channels depends on your subscription plan.

Create a channel

You can create new channels as long as they are available in your account. To check how many channels you have left, click the My Channels drop-down in the top navigation and click Manage my channels. You will see a "X channels left" message.

1. Create a new channel in the following ways:

  • In the My Channels drop-down menu, click Create new channel.
  • In the My Channels drop-down menu, click Manage my channels and then Create + in the top right.

2. You will be redirected to a new channel page that is ready for customizing and editing. Be sure to add a channel name, description, and videos!

Add and move videos

You can manage, add, and move videos from channel to channel directly from GoToStage! Open the specific channel page you'd like to add or move videos to and then click the Video icon (next to the Settings icon).

  • Published – These videos are currently displayed in your other channels. The channel name is listed under each video.
  • Unpublished – These videos have not been added to any channel page.

To add new videos to this channel, select the video(s) in the "Unpublished" tab and click Add. These videos will automatically be listed on the specific channel page you are managing. Once added, you will be able to group and categorize them to your liking.

To move videos from another channel to this channel, select the video(s) in the "Published" tab and click Move. Note that videos cannot live in two different channels. That means if you move a video from one channel to another, it will be removed from the former channel page.

Delete a channel

When you delete a channel, you will lose your custom URL for that particular video and all videos (in the channel) will go "unpublished".

1. In the My Channels drop-down menu, click Manage my channels.

2. Next to the desired channel you'd like to delete, click the Trash icon.

3. To continue, click Yes, delete. To cancel, click No, keep my channel.


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