Certificate of Attendance

Organizers can choose to provide attendees with a certificate of attendance for the webinar . If enabled, a link to the digital certificate will be automatically included in the Follow-Up email.

The features that are available on your account may vary depending on your subscription plan.

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Enable/disable certificates (organizers)

The branding look and language of the certificate will depend on the customization of the webinar. If you don't add a logo or theme color, the certificate will default to gray and include the GoToWebinar's logo. 

1. On the Manage Webinar page, click Edit in either the Emails or Certificate sections (under "Share Your Webinar").

2. If it isn't already, enable the "Send Follow-Up Email to Attendees" check box.

3. Check the "Add the attendee certificate" check box.

3. Check the "Include a certificate" checkbox.

4. Make any other desired changes, then click Save.

View a certificate (attendees)

The Follow-Up email will include a link to the digital certificate. You can simply click the My Certificate URL to have the certificate open in a new browser window. Note that first and last names with over 50 characters each will be cropped.