How do I change the billing contact for my account?

The billing contact (i.e., billing admin) has special privileges that allow them to change the account's subscription plan, modify the payment and billing information, and manage other account settings.

The billing contact for an account can be changed either by the current billing contact, or with the help of a LogMeIn representative. This will depend on which self-service site the billing contact uses to manage payment and billing info.


Billing Center

If your account uses the Billing Center to manage billing information, then you must contact Customer Care (go to Contact usSelect your desired productCall Support) to request the change. However, note that both of the following conditions must apply in order for your request to be honored by Customer Care:

  • You must be able to verify the current credit card information that is listed for your account.
  • You must be the named credit card holder OR a listed account admin.

Corporate Billing Portal

If your account uses the Corporate Billing Portal to manage billing information, then you can update the name of your billing contact as follows:

  1. Log in to the Corporate Billing Portal as the current billing contact. The User ID (in "user name" or "email address" format) can be located on an emailed invoice.
  2. In the "Bill To" section on the right, click Edit.

Edit your billing contact info

  1. In the "Billing Address" section, make your desired changes.
  2. Click Save when finished.

Alternatively, a billing contact can contact Customer Care for more information.


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