Set up domains

Setting up a company domain is required only to enable Single Sign-On for your organization, or to update your users through the Active Directory Connector. Otherwise, this procedure is not required.

Domains within your organization are wholly-owned email domains that your admins can verify either through your web service or DNS server. In the email, is the email domain.

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Once you start the verification process for a domain, you have ten (10) days to complete the verification. If this period lapses, the domain is set to Expired, but you have the option to simply restart the process using new verification codes. Once you have verified a domain, you cannot delete it from your organization, though it can be deleted prior to being verified.

The first step you take in creating an organization is to create the initial domain. Verifying the initial domain automatically creates your organization.

Create initial domain (e.g.,

1. As an organization admin user, log in using your corporate email.

2. You enter the Organization Center and see the Verify your ownership of the domain page.

You are provided two methods for setting up domain validation. An verification code is associated with both methods:

Method 1: DNS Zone File

To use the DNS method, you place a DNS record at the level of the email domain within your DNS zone. Typically, users are verifying a “root” or “second level” domain such as “”. In this case, the record would resemble:

@ IN TXT “logmein-verification-code=668e156b-f5d3-430e-9944-f1d4385d043e”

OR IN TXT “logmein-verification-code=668e156b-f5d3-430e-9944-f1d4385d043e”

If you require a third-level domain (or subdomain) such as “” the record must be placed at that subdomain, such as: IN TXT “logmein-verification-code=668e156b-f5d3-430e-9944-f1d4385d043e”

For more detailed documentation, see Add a TXT DNS record.

Method 2: Web server file

Upload a plain-text file to your web server root containing a verification string. There should not be any whitespace or other characters in the text file besides those given.

Web server file entry example:

Contents: logmein-verification-code=668e156b-f5d3-430e-9944-f1d4385d043e

The verification screen will display until the domain is verified. If it takes you longer than 10 days to verify the domain, the system will automatically generate new verification codes for your domain the next time you visit the Organization Center.

3. Copy the verification value, and paste it into the DNS record or a text file for upload to one of the locations.

4. Once you have added the DNS record or text file, will need to return to the domain status screen and click Verify. You will see the domain verified the next time you log in.

Add a domain

Once your base domain is verified, you can add domains, set up an Identity Provider for your organization to support Single Sign-On, and add or delete organization user identities.

Most companies will only need the first domain they add. You only need to add additional domains if users within your company authenticate using other email domains, but use the same Identity Provider through which to authenticate.

1. In the Domains tab, click Add domain.

2. Enter the domain and click Next.

3. Repeat the steps detailed in Create Initial Domain above.

During the period of verification, the Domains tab displays the status of each domain.

Delete a domain

The option to delete a domain is only available while the domain is not yet verified. Once a domain is verified it cannot be deleted from your organization.

1. In the Domains tab, select a domain using the checkbox by the domain name.

2. Click Delete domain.

3. In the verification dialog, click Delete.

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