Schedule a Meeting in Google Calendar

The GoToMeeting Extension for Google Calendar lets you view, schedule, modify, and start meetings directly from your Google calendar. You can email meeting invitations directly to your contacts. See Install the GoToMeeting Extension for Google Calendar to install the extension.

1. In Google Calendar, click the desired time slot and select Create.

2. The event is added to calendar. Click the title of the event and click Edit Event to open the meeting.

3. To add a recurring meeting, click Repeat below the meeting date and time.

4. In the Repeat dialog , set the recurring pattern, modify the date and time as necessary, and click Done.

5. The GoToMeeting extension displays under Event details. If you are not logged in, click Sign in to log into your GoToMeeting account. If this is the first time you have logged in through Google Calendar, the extension requests access to your GoToMeeting profile. Click Allow.

6. If this is your first GoToMeeting event in Google Calendar, click the Settings icon to modify default audio settings for your account. The settings screen opens.

The first three options are audio settings. They can be used alone or in combination to provide your call participants the most cost-effective choices. If you select My own conference call service, all callers connect only with the phone number(s) you add there.

  • VoIP – Free to all users. Your participants can use microphone and speakers to connect to audio through their computer.
  • Long distance number – Participant's phone service may charge them for the call. Your participants can use a telephone to dial in to the audio conference using a long distance number. You can choose which countries to provide long distance numbers for your attendees.
  • Toll-free number – If OpenVoice Integrated is activated on your account, you pay the charges for one or more toll-free numbers. Your participants can then call in at no charge to themselves. You can choose which countries to provide toll-free numbers for your attendees.
  • Use my own conference call service – Enter the number or numbers from your conference service.

Click Save to save changes. A success message displays.

7. Click Add to create a new GoToMeeting event using the scheduled dates and times and the current audio settings. The meeting details display. Detailed invitation text displays in the Description box that will be included in emails to invitees. The audio settings are inherited from your defaults. You can:

  • Edit the meeting Description. This is the invitation text that goes out to each invitee.
  • Edit the audio settings for the current meeting.
  • Update the default settings for all future meetings. IMPORTANT: This does not update the current meeting.
  • Delete the GoToMeeting event - but retain the event in Google Calendar.

Click Save to save your changes.

8. If you have invitees identified in the event, the Send invitations? query displays. Click Send to send the invites.

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