Messenger App for Mobile Devices

Are you on the go? Don't let the conversations stop! The GoToMeeting Messenger app allows you to continue chatting 1:1 or in group messages, set notifications, change user privacy, and more. You may have been using the browser app from your mobile device to access your chats but now you can download the Messenger app for iOS and Android!

Chat 1:1 or in groups

Both 1:1 and group messages in the desktop Messenger app and browser app will sync to your account and appear on the device's Conversations or Contacts and Groups screen.

Note: Users cannot create new 1:1 or group chats directly from the app. This feature will be added soon.

1. Tap a name (in the Conversations or Contacts tab) or group message (in the Groups tab) to continue chatting!

2. Mention someone in a group chat by typing in "@" and the name. This will send them a notification to check the chat. Note that this is for Android devices only.

Join a meeting with the GoToMeeting app

If someone you are chatting with starts a meeting with you, you can easily join as long as you have the GoToMeeting app downloaded. Once you click Join from the chat, the GoToMeeting app will open and you will be automatically launched into the organizer's session. If you do not have the GoToMeeting app downloaded, you will be prompted to download the app from a browser page.

1. From the chat, select Join Meeting.

2. The GoToMeeting app will open and launch you into session!

Change your settings

Adjust the app settings to your preference! If you're on an iOS device, tap the Settings icon to view the Settings screen. If you're on an Android device, tap the More icon to launch the sidebar Settings menu.

  • Presence status: Set your chat presence status to Available, Hard at work, or Away.
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  • Support: Visit the Messenger FAQ page for more help (iOS app only)


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