InRoom Link for video conference rooms and systems

GoToMeeting InRoom Link integrates cloud collaboration through computers, mobile devices and conference room systems. GoToMeeting supports conference room systems using the H.323 protocol. A variety of systems are supported. InRoom Link is available by default for GoToMeeting Plus and 100.

An interactive video conference room system

GoToMeeting Plus and 100 organizers can invite anyone to join a meeting from their conference room systems. It’s as easy as joining as an individual.

InRoom Link provides audio, webcam, screen viewing for the attendees in supported video conference rooms. You can join multiple conference rooms to a single meeting. Individual users in the room can also join via GoToMeeting in order to share screens or participate in chat from their own computer.

Getting to your first InRoom Link meeting can be as easy as a simple join step.

NOTE: InRoom Link is a way to join a GoToMeeting session through a video conference room or system. It is not a telepresence device or method.


InRoom Link supported video conference room devices

Set up video conference systems for InRoom Link

Set up GoToMeeting for InRoom Link

Schedule a meeting with InRoom Link

Join a meeting as an InRoom Link attendee

InRoom Link troubleshooting

Whitelisting and Firewall Configuration