Change Presenter (Desktop App)

The presenter has the ability to share their screen with other attendees during a session. As an organizer, you can make another attendee the presenter at any time (which does not cause them to automatically become an organizer). The Presenter will then be able to make anyone else a presenter after them.

Applies to the desktop app only; also see Web App info

Topics in this article:

Make an attendee Presenter

Take back Presenter control

Make an attendee Presenter

1. Select a Presenter in either of the following ways:

  • On the Screen tab (in the Options pane), use the "Change Presenter to" drop-down menu to select a new Presenter.
  • In the Attendees pane, right-click the name of the desired attendee and select Make Presenter.


2. Confirm the Presenter as follows:

  • If the attendee joined via the desktop app, you will be asked to confirm that you want to make them Presenter. You can also enable the "Request keyboard and mouse control" check box to have a request sent to the attendee before clicking Yes.

  • If the attendee joined via the Web App, you will be notified that they must switch to the desktop app in order to become Presenter. Click Send Present & Download Request to prompt the attendee to switch.

Note: Though you'll still see this notification, Web App attendees who are running Chrome will be able to share their screen without switching to the desktop app.

3. The new Presenter will be notified, and you will see a confirmation that you are no longer the Presenter.

  • Desktop app attendees will see a "You've been made the Presenter" window prompting them to share their screen.

  • Web App attendees running Chrome will be prompted to install the GoToMeeting Pro Screensharing extension in order to share their screen.

Take back Presenter control

You can resume Presenter control in the same way you passed it to another attendee:

  • On the Screen tab (in the Options pane), use the "Change Presenter to" drop-down menu to select your own name.

- or -

  • In the Attendee pane, right-click your own name and select Make Presenter.


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