Call Me is now enabled on your account!

Since you currently use OpenVoice Integrated to provide your participants with toll-free phone numbers, you now have Call Me automatically included as well. Learn how to change or disable this setting below.

Note that Call Me was automatically enabled only for users who also have toll-free phone numbers enabled, and only for pre-scheduled meetings that included toll-free phone numbers.

Note: Only U.S. and Canada phone numbers are supported at this time.

Topics in this article:

How it works

Disable/change for existing organizers

Disable/change in Settings Template(s)

How it works

Existing users

  • Any existing or new organizers on your account that you have provided with access to toll-free phone numbers has automatically had Call Me enabled as an option as well. You can change this at any time.
  • If you have some users on your account that do not have access to toll-free phone numbers, then they were not automatically enabled with Call Me.

New users

  • Any of your Settings Templates for new users that have toll-free phone numbers enabled will also have Call Me enabled. You can change this at any time.

Disable/change for existing organizers

You can disable or change the Call Me setting for any of your existing users in the same way that you manage other user settings.

1. Log in to the Admin Center at

2. Click User Settings in the left navigation.

Note: You can easily see which of your users has Call Me enabled using the table at the top of the page. Use the Show Feature drop-down menu at the top-right to select Call Me as one of the columns displayed.

3. Use the check boxes in the Name column to select the desired organizer(s).

4. Scroll down to "2) Change Settings" and click the Call Me option.

5. Select the setting you would like (on by default, off by default or completely disabled).

6. Click  Save.

Disable/change in Settings Template(s)

You can also change the Settings Template(s) to disable Call Me (or turn it off by default) for new organizers or existing organizers using the template.

1. Log in to the Admin Center at

2. Click Admin Settings in the left navigation.

3. Under Settings Templates, click Edit.

4. Find the desired templates, then click the Settings icon next to it.

5. "Call Me" will be listed as an option with the status set to "On." Click On to open the options window, then select what state you would before (on, off by default or completely disabled).

6. Click Save when finished.